Sports Physiotherapy.

Maintain peak performance or return to the game safely and quickly after injury. We use cutting-edge treatment and rehabilitation programs to help athletes of all stages.

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Play better. Recover faster.

Our highly trained sports physiotherapists intimately understand sporting injuries from a 360-degree perspective. Between us, we’ve played sports at an elite level, treated countless pro players, and consulted to some of the country’s top teams.

We treat all sports injuries, but have particular interest and expertise with ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joint injuries, as well as muscular injuries like calf, quad and hamstring strains and tears. We’re across those tricky and stubborn tendon injuries too.

We have an uncanny knack of getting straight to the root of your problem, so you can safely get back to the sport you love sooner.

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Our education never ends.

We are passionate about staying across the latest in sport physiotherapy. We attend conferences and workshops, pore over research, and access continuing education whenever we can. This means we deliver you evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation programs that are on the cutting-edge of clinical advances.

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Communication is key.

When you play sports, you know all about the importance of a team. So do we. That’s why we liaise regularly with your coach, strength and conditioning coach, or personal trainer – so everyone is on the same page, working together on a common goal: your optimum movement and recovery.

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