Dietitian Neutral Bay.

Dietitians provide highly experienced, individualised and ongoing nutrition advice and strategies to support your nutritional health and wellbeing from birth and throughout the lifespan.

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Medical Nutrition

Do you have a medical condition that requires nutritional therapy OR can be effectively treated, managed, prevented, or reversed through lifestyle intervention?   
E.g., nutrient deficiencies, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular/heart diseases, renal disease, food allergies, blood lipids out of range (cholesterol, triglyceride), gastrointestinal disorders, medication side effects or you may have experienced unexplained/rapid weight loss (perhaps due to ongoing low appetite) and be at risk of or recovering from malnutrition.

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General Nutrition

Improvement to the quality and overall nutritional value of your diet and subsequent improvement in mood, mental health, energy, brain function, sleep, gut health, digestion, weight management, skin health & appearance and prevention of disease. You may desire having good appetite regulation and learning to eat intuitively. Or if you feel consumed by food and are struggling to free yourself from diet culture and all or nothing approaches - we can help you build a positive relationship with food.

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Sports Nutrition

Whether you are playing sport competitively or just want to boost your sports performance and recovery, schedule a session today and I can help you from fuelling your body appropriately through all phases of training, competition and recovery, depending on your sport/exercise and your bodies individual needs. As someone who has played sport socially and competitively (running, triathlons, touch football, swimming, hockey) I have first-hand experience in applying sport nutrition and feeling the difference of getting nutrition on point for my performance and recovery.

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Food Therapy

Feel like food is consuming your life? Not sure what to eat, when to eat, and/or feel like you have lost control around eating? 
Or you may have food fear, anxiety around certain foods & eating, disordered eating patterns. If you want to take back control, have food freedom, find true balance, and get back to enjoying food, nourishing your body and having a healthy relationship with food & yourself - then I am here to help!

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